Writing for Life & Ministry: A Practical Guide to the Writing Process for Teachers & Preachers [Book Review]

In Writing for Life & Ministry: A Practical Guide to the Writing Process, for Teachers & Preachers, author Brandon J. O’Brien offers a unique opportunity for aspiring writers to personalize and systematize the writing process. Ever aware of the tendency of writers to get discouraged, to procrastinate, or to give in to self-doubt, O’Brien provides an intensely practical, well thought-out process for writing, from idea-conception to content creation, to writing a proposal for publishing.


This book involves the reader in the process; it is not simply a theoretical list of steps – O’Brien invites the reader to dust off a project they have been putting off, and use the strategies in his book to make it into something they are proud of. The aim of this book is not getting published; the aim of the book is to make better writers. As an aspiring writer myself, I found this book incredibly helpful as I pursue my writing goals. I expect that many authors will find O’Brien’s resource encouraging, easy to follow, and beneficial for honing their craft.

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