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  • My People: Lessons from Ruth (Part 1 – Introduction)
    I’m excited to dive into another incredible story from the Bible with a new series, “My People: Lessons from Ruth”. Ruth is a wonderfully simple story that takes place during the period of Israel’s judges. If you’ve read through the book of Judges, […]
  • The Divine Pursuit: Seeking Love and Holiness in the Song of Songs (Part 11)
    Love Awakened (Song 8) The conclusion of the poetic saga that is Song of Songs calls the reader back to several key themes introduced previously in the poem: Frustrated Longing (8:1-4) – Throughout the Song, the young woman has expressed a deep desire […]
  • A Dad’s Perspective on Miscarriage
    This post contains a few details that are graphic. It was helpful for me to reflect on these things. I got permission from my wife, Alessa, to post this online. Thanks, babe. In mid-May of this year, we learned that our baby had […]