I am a Ph.D. student studying for my doctorate in Old Testament Theology. Most importantly, I am a father and a husband. Kingdom Ethos began as a portfolio of the coursework I completed during my undergrad and master’s programs. Now, it serves as a creative outlet for me to reflect on Scripture passages I am reading and studying, current events, and podcasting. Most of my content revolves – either explicitly or implicitly – around a central idea in Scripture: the ethos of the Kingdom of God.

Ethos comes from an old Greek work that simply describes the nature of a culture. Specifically, ethos captures the ways in which a culture’s beliefs and expectations shape its behavior. This is where our English word, ethics, comes from.

The Kingdom of God refers to the eternal, righteous reign of God over the hearts and minds of the people he created, and his creation. As Christians, we live in anticipation of a new, restored heavens and earth called the Kingdom of God. Jesus taught that, not only is the Kingdom coming, but it has already begun breaking into the world. Therefore, Christians live in a constant tension – what theologian Gerhard Vos coined as “The already, not yet” kingdom.

Kingdom Ethos is a bit of a marriage between the Greek-philosophical idea of ethos and the Judeo-Christian notion of the Kingdom of God. Jesus invited his followers to adopt a new, Kingdom ethic that shapes every aspect of their lives. The culture and values of the Kingdom of God are not just distant realities; they are characteristics to be embodied by Christ-followers today.

When we engage current events, read Scripture, and interact with the people around us, we have the opportunity to adopt a Kingdom Ethos.