7 Feasts: Finding Christ in the Sacred Celebrations of the Old Testament [BOOK REVIEW]

In her 8-week devotional series, 7 Feasts: Finding Christ in the Sacred Celebrations of the Old Testament (Moody Publishers, 2020), author Erin Davis provides an in-depth study of the 7 feasts of Israel described in Leviticus 23. Davis effectively guides her reader through a series of carefully crafted, engaging, and thoughtfully laid-out Scripture studies using inviting and relational language and practical, challenging application. The purpose of this devotional series is to develop in the reader a Christocentric understanding of the Levitical law, which, on its surface, may seem antiquated and irrelevant to today’s Christians, but in reality provides a beautifully rich theological portrait of God’s grace, lovingkindness, and justice. When studied with this understanding, Davis rightly argues that these Levitical feasts provide a backdrop for the ultimate revelation of God’s character in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Though it was written thousands of years before his birth, the Levitical law draws us to Jesus.


It is clear from the very beginning that Davis cares deeply about reading the Bible with a consistent hermeneutic. For a devotional series, this study contains a surprising amount of theological depth. Before jumping straight in to personal application, the author takes time to lay out an effective, responsible hermeneutical process that takes into account historical and redemptive context, genre, and Christology. 7 Feasts excels at one thing I wish all devotionals took time to do: it trains the reader to read the Bible well. This series exemplifies the truth that reading the Bible well is not hard; it just takes time and thought. Erin Davis is not a biblical scholar, yet she demonstrates a grasp of the hermeneutical process that echoes that of a well-trained seminarian. Davis strikes a balance between refreshingly scholarly language and casual discussion that makes 7 Feasts accessible to a wide range of audiences. New believers, older saints, and pastors will all find something to appreciate and apply in 7 Feasts.


7 Feasts is marketed toward women, but aside from being clearly written from a women’s perspective, the studies have a wide range of application not targeted toward a specific gender. As a male, I enjoyed and benefitted from this devotional series, and I know others would as well.

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