A Canonical Survey of the Temple Motif

Tracing the biblical theme of the Lord’s sanctuary from Genesis to Revelation.

The Role of the Law in the Life of the Christian

The Law was fulfilled in Jesus Christ; he is the promised seed of Abraham. But Jesus also said that the Law was not abolished under him (Matt. 5:17-20) and that believers are still accountable to the Law insofar as it is fulfilled in him. Thus, the entire Law is not abolished, but must be interpreted and obeyed in light of the coming of Jesus.

The Kingdom of God

The kingdom promises to Israel in the Old Testament point forward to eternal fulfillment when the human race, free of sin and its effects, is able to fulfill its creation purpose to exercise dominion over the earth and glorify the name of God, who will reign over the nations and the hearts of mankind.

The Unity and Diversity of Scripture

The Old Testament and the New Testament should not be viewed as separate entities, but as units of a whole body of Scripture in which each piece of writing is inextricably tied to the larger canon.


A theology and working definition of Sanctification.